This Weird Kid Owen and The Golden Goose

There was this weird kid on the bus, Owen
He was very strange
He was the one that kind of kid everyone always held to blame
He always yelled at bunnies bees and birds
But then the bus driver came to the back of the bus
It started quite a whirl

Owen was screaming and shouting just like a squirrel
But finally this golden Goose
Came fussying about
“You back off my boy”!
But all things Turn out
The golden Goose was No one
This was simply a dream
But Owen prays about the day
When he meets the golden Goose.

My Monster

My monster is anger. Plain and simple. All my life I have always struggled with this. Even over little things and theres so many things that just I can’t handle it. What I do that makes me unsucessful is bottle up all that anger to the point of I can’t do anything. But I guess I also use my anger to do things better. I almost use it as a fuel. I know it sounds a little bit cheesy but it’s really what I do. I feel like it really does help.

I think one of the things that really helps me control my anger is knowledge, and really just common sense. I know if I get mad and punch someone in the face there’s going to be a consequence. That’s how I go off of common sense. But like I previously said I feel like knowledge really helps me. It helps me know when to stop and just take a deep breath and think. I can remember this time when it was my first football game under the lights. It was so fun but, I saw this kid I knew and he was a really big jerk. He looked right into my eyes and says “Look who it is, clefty”! I was born with a birth defect called cleft lip and palate, and my doctor did an amazing job and fixed it. I was so mad I wanted to kill him but instead as soon as that ball moved I smashed him into the ground. I settled for that. And I guess that was a prime example of when I bottled everything up and used my knowledge as a way to do something smarter.

My biggest problem is my anger but I think that the monster is getting smaller and smaller day. The more I grow the better I become at controlling my anger and by the I become an adult I’m sure I’ll be a really happy guy. But I know there will be more monsters. To me there’s monsters everywhere, because they are really just emotions. Emotions can be really good and, really really bad. This one time I got really sad for a while. My grandpa had died a while back and one afternoon I thought about him. I got really sad and didn’t eat or play and I wasn’t sleeping so good. So really I say my monster is anger but I guess I have more than one. But I think everyone does at some point in their life.

Another one of my monsters is that I feel like I’m one of the smartest guys in the room. I usually know a little bit on the subject even if it’s about mechanics or somethings someone might have more experience with. I most likely try and put in my piece and sometimes I’ll get corrected, and when I do oh boy. I will always say ” No look it up” or some dumb crap and I can’t help it sometimes. But I can usually find out when enough’s enough. But that monster isn’t really that bad but it’s really annoying most of the time.

Everyone has a monster. Some you can tell, like my anger for example. Or the monsters that you can’t really see, like my sadness. In my opinion the monsters you can’t see are one-thousand times worse. You really have to get and know a person to see all of their monsters, and thats okay. But it always helps me to know that i’m fighting monster, so is everyone else. Every single person on this little blue and green ball we live on has a monster and thats a true fact. But it’s comforting that you can fight monsters with other people who know from right to wrong. Everyone has that person, and the person is yourself because the monster is in your own head.

Who Inspired Me

Last year was really tough. I started off really sad, I didn’t have any friends that I knew of in my home room. But later in the year I had so many friends, and it was just great. So all my friends in helped me through the year. I would have never done good if it wasn’t for them. They gave me the strength to do the work, and pay attention, most of the time, and just cooperate. So they inspired throughout the year to just be who I am.


My teacher Mr. Hart also helped me throughout the year. He was so funny, and kind of rude, but that was the funny part. He also taught the class alot of important stuff. I remember one time he talked about Thomas Crapper. The guy that made the toilet. Aaron and I cracked up. Aaron’s one of my best friends and I could not, could not have made it through the year. It would be so boring, and quiet in the class.

I remember in fifth grade I couldn’t do division. Mr. Hart would explain things so good. I learned that class I could do division and it just made me happy knowing that I would be up there with everyone else doing just as good as them. I wasn’t the best student because I always slacked off and I admit it. That experience kind of just kicked me into gear. I was an all A student that year in Math. It wasn’t all that big of a deal but if felt like, really great. It’s experiences like that, that inspire me.

Good Deeds

Doing good deeds makes the world a better place. It’s plain and simple. But if we doing during school can it make SaltCreek better? I personally think it can. Even simple things like saying do you want to play or the big things like standing up for someone when they’re getting bullied. All things matter, little or big they can change you or another person.  “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it” – Benjamin Franklin

To me doing a good deed is only physical it’s also mental. If you can make some good with something physical it will also make them feel good mentally. For example if you help someone up it will comfort them to know that someone cares.

The Man Poem

I’m sitting here It’s about to let loose
I really should used my brain
I always thought life was just a game
But now I know I’m all alone
The way I wanted it to be
I thought hard
Thought I’d find my peace
It all went down when I took my first drink
And now I’m on the move
I’m outa work
Without a job
I’m all alone.


It all started with family
The way it always does
But then it moved from friend to friend
Learning all the way
Being Brave
And Happy
It’s what makes me, Me
I remember stupid times
Where I did things for show
That comes from my Grandpa Tom
The rottenest thing I’ll ever meet
My smarts come from my Mom and Dad
For making me the young man I am
But the most important is where
My strength comes from
That is all my friends
My anger comes from the world around me
And my little & big mistakes
My brother is a big one on that
But he’s where my fun comes from
All I can do is every thank
The ones who help me through

I Caught Two Fishes

Camp was great
It was so much fun
But the best time was when I caught a fish
Believe it not I caught two
They wiggled and wobbled
But my grip was firm
I shoved the two fish into a jar
I looked at the fish and said close, but no cigar
________________________________________________We gathered around as the lightning struck
Haunted inside by the first look
Hakeem said gather round kid I have a good one
He told the ancient legend of Johnny Hatchet
Hatchet had killed his wife with an axe
And then days later he also passed
Hakeem was with his troop one dark night
When a women with light blue dress stepped out of the dark
Right next to the women, a figure as large as a bear
The troop tripped and turned as they ran through the night
They soon realized they had to stop
But waiting down at the hill
The two figures there only to sent a chill white as a hare
Through the backs of the Troop
Only to sent them running
Still on foot
But every twist and turn was filled with the ghouls
Until they were on camp ground
The ghouls  nowhere to be found

The Witch With One Eye & More

A pinch of this
A pinch of that
Make sure the rabbit is fat
Throw in a pot
With some cheese
Sprinkle in some magic ol’ dust
Put in a broom
A pouch of poison
Now who am I?
Oh the witch one eye!

Hobo Dreams :
Hobo dreams have no themes
They’re all the same
They’re about hot dogs
And cooked up frogs
And One VERY LARGE Limousine

The Climax

You may see a mountain or man
But what I see is simply a climax
The highest point of anyone’s life
Waiting to go down
Waiting to have all your problems solved
Waiting to find peace
But that is just my thought
And still much is unknown
About the Earth the sky and all above
This might not be what the man’s thinking
Nor the mountain top
All I have is to think my climax through
Everyone is waiting for their highest point
And so are you.

Benny The Bear

Benny the bear, was as small as a hare,

But he was the best because he had a jet,

The jet was was on a pack on the back of his pack,

And he was not afraid to attack.

But one day day Benny was flying around,

But only to be found,

When he was dead on the ground,

There is one lesson now,

That bears yearn to fly,

But everyone knows,

Only guys can fly!